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Handmade, wooden xylophone

Hudson’s handmade, wooden xylophone is crafted using high quality materials. The metal bars have been secured tightly. The wooden structure and mallets are smooth and splinter-free. A songbook is included with seven handpicked nursery rhymes that are color-coded and easy to read. You'll have a mini rockstar in no time.

Morri the Mighty Giraffe

Hudson's Director, Karsha Green has written her first children's book, titled Morri the Mighty Giraffe; a story about how even the tallest animal in the world still needs a helping hand every once in a while. Available now as a free gift with the Hudson's handmade, wooden xylophone!

Fancy a read?

The Hudson's blog has some great material about all things little and playful! From DIY activities to do at home with your little ones to inspirational image galleries of nurseries and kids playrooms, fun facts about toys and games, details about how important play is for your child's development, and much more!

From the Director

My name is Karsha Green and when I'm not being Director of Hudson's, I'm a proud mom of two adorable mini humans.

Hudson’s was founded as a modern kids brand with a goal to bring the fun and carefree nature of childhood and playtime, back to life! We believe that many of the toys kids play with today lack charm and magic. Hudson’s is reinvigorating this kind of play where kids can once again let their imaginations run free and there be only one rule; to have fun!

Welcome to the Hudson's family and we cannot wait to be a part of bringing joy and happiness to playtime in your household!